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DIY Plumbing Monitoring?

It is important to keep your Tacoma Home safe, plumbing wise. Plumbing issues can be the root of your home structural damages and / or personal health issues.
There are simple ways to monitor your plumbing at your Tacoma residence by conducting simple monthly checks.

Starting from the outside of your Tacoma Home:

  • Check that none of your faucets are leaking when the water is off.
  • Check that you don’t have soft and wet spots in the garden of your Tacoma home.
  • Check that your water meter is not running when all the water is off, learn more here

Moving inside of your Tacoma Property:

  • Check that no drips are coming from your faucet when the water is off.
  • Check under the sinks for any wet spots in your cabinets or on the pips going to the faucets.
  • Check that none of the pips going in and out of your water heater are wets.
  • Check that your toilets are not leaking by turning off the water valve of your toilets and checking that the water level in the tank is not going down.

This is a 10 minutes procedure that can help to keep your Tacoma home safe, plumbing wise. If you find a leak when conducting these checks, turn the water valve off and call an expert to prevent bigger damages.

If you verify you have a leak or you are unsure, we recommend contacting a professional to locate the water leak for you.

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