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How to find a Garbage Disposal Leak?

A leak coming from your garbage disposal can be a clear safety concern and should be fixed as soon as possible. Odors or bacterias can be leaking from your garbage. This can attract unwanted germs and insects that would develop in the harmful environment.

The leak can come from a few locations in your garbage disposal, easy to pinpoint. First step before anything is to power off your garbage disposal by either unplugging it or turning it off from the electrical panel.

Cracked, loose or broken drain lines:

  • Usually one of two drain lines are coming off your garbage disposal, one leading to your dishwasher. To find whether one of these lines is causing the leak, inspect them by looking for any cracks, loose screws or other damage.
  • If the dishwasher hose has a crack, you can simply cut off that part as hoses are typically quite long.
  • If the drainpipe leading to the sewer is cracked or broken, you will have to replace it.

Problems with the sink flange or putty:

  • If your garbage disposal is leaking from the top, it might be an issue with your sink flange (which connects the sink and the garbage disposal) or the putty that seals it. And that would need to be properly replaced before reinstalling the garbage disposal.

Damaged gasket:

  • The gasket located between the garbage disposal blades and the sink can crack or worn due to normal usage, and this can cause a leak. This would need to be replaced.

If you verify you have a leak or you are unsure, we recommend contacting a professional to locate the water leak for you.

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