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Locating a Water Leak - Tacoma WA

At Abra Leak Detection, we have over 30 years of experience with highly Qualified Technicians paired with top of the line Water Leak Detection technologies to locate your Water Leak in Tacoma WA. We use non-invasive technologies that most plumbing companies don't have to find your leak in your Tacoma home or business without dismantling walls, drilling into slabs, or digging up your lawn
We have a very long track record of locating commercial and residential Water Leaks in Tacoma WA.


Main signs of a Water Leak - Tacoma WA

Water Leaks can occur outside between the meter distance to your home, your irrigation system, or pool. Water leaks can also be inside your home in Tacoma WA. Sometimes it takes days or even weeks before seeing the first apparent signs of a water leak in your Tacoma home or business.

Below are the main signs of a Water Leak in your Tacoma home:

  • Unusually high water bill 
  • Water meter still running when all water off
  • Low water pressure or volume
  • Musty odor or mold
  • Sound of running water when everything is off
  • Unusual soft or wet areas in the yard
  • Alert from the utility company about potential water leak

If you suspect a Water Leak in your home or business in Tacoma WA, it is essential you contact a professional to inspect your Tacoma home before it is too late.

At Abra Leak Detection, our priority is to help you save the integrity of your Tacoma home, your time, money, and resources.

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