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How do you know if you have an Underground Water Leak?

There are a few indicators that could indicate you have an underground water leak.

  • When you turn off all the water in your house the meter is still running (i.e. reason for high water bills)
  • Your water bill increases in cost unexpectedly – but you cannot find any leaks in visible places
  • You notice constant stagnant groundwater on your property
  • An area on the property that is lush and greener than the rest or an area that is brown and dry
  • A noticeable drop in water pressure
  • Cracking, potholes, or depressions in the pavement or concrete foundation
  • Water Meter running after shutting off main water line indicates there is an hidden underground water leak

Underground water leaks can quickly lead to disaster to your property and possibly even your neighbors home. If you suspect a water leak, it is essential to contact a professional to inspect your home before it is too late.
The advanced technology that we use, allows for non-invasive leak detection, locating the leak without diminishing the integrity of your home or business.

One of our past projects was for a storage company in Federal Way, WA. They received notice from the water company that they had a leak, as their water bill was unusually high, we used the Acoustic and Tracer Gas equipment to locate the leak. The leak was located along a 70 Ft water line underneath cement. Finally, we drilled holes in the cement to find the rising Bubbles, indicating the actual location of the leak.

If you verify you have a leak or you are unsure, we recommend contacting a professional to locate the water leak for you.

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