50% of underground water leak damage homes - Which side is your leak on?

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  • Over 30 years experience in Water Leak Detection.
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  • Top of the line Leak Location Equipment.

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Over 30 years of experience in water leak detection

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Workmanship Guaranteed with our Highly Qualified Technicians

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We use the latest equipment and technologies. Most plumbing companies do not have the technology to perform non-invasive leak detection

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Water Leak Detection
  • We provide leak detection services by using the latest non-invasive technologies
We found your underground leak, so what’s next?
  • We use a marker to indicate where the hidden leak is, so you can bring in a plumber to replace/repair the water line 
  • Most plumbing companies do not have the technology to preform non-invasive leak detection
In-Line Sewer Inspection
  • Preparing to sell your home? Or think you might have a sewer leak? We provide in-line camera inspections so you can rest easy knowing the integrity of your outgoing sewage system



Abra used the “Magic Wand” to trace and find this leak under about 120 Ft of trees and lawn. The leak was caused by a Split Pipe due to Rock Compression

Residential Leak Locate

A storage company received notice from the water company that they had a leak, we used the necessary technologies to locate the leak since it was located along a 70 Ft water line underneath cement 

Rising Bubbles indicate a leak is present 

Commercial Leak Locate - Expert Available 24/7 | South Seattle


Non-invasive leak detection, gone are the days where you have to rip apart your yard to find leaks, we are now able to use sonic technologies to locate your water leak. Helping you to save money by avoiding unnecessary digging and maintaining the integrity of your property!

Non-invasive leak detection
  • We utilize the latest Sonic Leak Detection technology to find your leak!
  • When necessary we use a Nitrogen Mixture – Nitrogen is a very small, high energy molecule that is very difficult to contain. It is not damaging and when coming out of a pipe or line, it uses that energy to escape to the atmosphere aiding in precisely detecting the underground leak location.
  • When you turn off all the water in your house the meter is still running
  • Your water bill increases in cost – but you cannot find any leaks in common places
  • You notice constant stagnant groundwater on your property
  • (Insert water meter video) – Water Meter running after shutting off main water line indicates there is an hidden underground water leak

You can call Abra Leak Detection, time is of the essence with a hidden water leak because:

  • If a water leak is left to itself, not only can it become much worse, but it also damages the home around it. 
  • Leaks in either your water supply lines or drain lines, can wreak havoc on the home around it.
  • The sooner you locate and repair the leak, the sooner you can save resources

Common indicators include:

  • Unpleasant Odor
  • Pooling of septic waste in your yard
  • High water bill 
  • Rodent problems or insect infestations 
  • Slow drainage of household drains 
  • Green and lush patches of grass in the yard (since sewage is a fertilizer) 
  • Sewage backups
In-line Sewer Inspection
  • Sewer leaks of any size destroy hardwood floors, sheet-rock on your walls, carpets, paint and every other place in your home you could think of.
  • Abra will assist in locating your sewer leak as quickly as possible by determining if the leak is underground (sewer) or in a waste-line (wall) 
  • When you notice a hint of backed up sewer lines or a sewer leak, call the professionals at Abra.

Abra’s priority is to help you save your time, money, and resources.


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