50% of underground water leak damage homes - Which side is your leak on?

Affordable five-star service & cutting edge technology to quickly identify your water leak.
Servicing Tacoma WA.


  • Over 30 years experience in Water Leak Detection.
  • The team compose of Highly Qualified Technicians to conduct the leak locate.
  • Great Customer Service and Workmanship Guaranteed on all our services.
  • Top of the line Leak Location Equipment.

Save Time, Money, and Resources

1. Certified Experts

Over 30 years of experience in water leak detection

2. Quality Services

Workmanship Guaranteed with our Highly Qualified Technicians

3. Advanced Technologies

We use the latest equipment and technologies. Most plumbing companies do not have the technology to perform non-invasive leak detection

4. Servicing Tacoma WA

Our crew are ready to be deployed in all Tacoma WA.

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Water Leak Detection
  • We provide leak detection services by using the latest non-invasive technologies
We found your underground leak, so what’s next?
  • We use a marker to indicate where the hidden leak is, so you can bring in a plumber to replace/repair the water line 
  • Most plumbing companies do not have the technology to preform non-invasive leak detection
In-Line Sewer Inspection
  • Preparing to sell your home? Or think you might have a sewer leak? We provide in-line camera inspections so you can rest easy knowing the integrity of your outgoing sewage system



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Serving King and Pierce County

Available 24/7 for Emergency Leak Detection Service

+1 (253) 838 3525

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